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Family Assistance Center

Minnesota Family Assistance Centers are geographically dispersed throughout the state to offer resources, referrals and support to all service members and military family members. FACs are connected to your communities and the military units in the surrounding area. They understand that asking for support is difficult for military families — they also know that challenges occur that require outside support. No matter what the challenge or question, the FAC supports military families.


FACs are local resource centers for service members and military family members. The FAC staff provides information and referrals to local resources as well as state and federal military support programs. FAC support staff are trained professionals that understand the challenges associated with the military lifestyle. When challenges occur, you need timely and accurate information, compassion and reliable support. No matter what challenges arise, the military family can be assured that a FAC will help with solutions.

BTYR Chanhassen can put you in contact with a FAC by using the 'contact us' page, or you can find the closest location here: